Wednesday, May 28, 2008 In The Washington Post!

Last year I was contacted by a freelance reporter working for the Washington Post, who wanted to do a story about cycling, hills, and online mapping. Lucky for me, she picked out of the many mapping tools available!

I thought it wasn't going to run after all, since it had been so long. But yesterday the story was finally published! While it's not all about me & veloroutes, we do get a plug towards the bottom!

"It's not just mapping experts who rely on high-tech tools to figure out where to ride. Matt Mikul, a 30-year-old Seattle software engineer with a gears-are-for-sissies approach to cycling, wanted to gauge some of his area's formidable hills before attempting to ride them on his fixed-gear bike. With the help of data from Google Maps, the U.S. Geological Survey and a bit of calculus, he designed a hybrid application -- what Web designers call a mash-up -- that automatically calculates the steepness of a hill and creates a profile of the entire route. The self-styled tool he named Veloroutes and posted to the Web two years ago ( has been averaging about 10,000 users per month."

(I'm actually not quite yet thirty, and I haven't touched my fixed-gear bike for a few months... so the whole "gears are for sissies" part wasn't from me.. but I'll take the link nonetheless!)

Big thanks to the Washington Post for the article!


Robert Higdon said...

Awesome Matt. You are legit now.

Ted Diamond said...

You've hit the big time! Congratulations, man!