Monday, May 12, 2008

Preview of the Three-Pass Ride - Part 1

I got a chance to go to the Twisp/Winthrop area over the weekend, and we drove (actually Kira did the driving, thanks!) and in the process we got to see a preview of the upcoming three-pass 400k on Saturday 5/17.
Here are a few photos I snapped along the way, starting in about North Bend.
We're gonna pass through those mountains on bicycles! Can't wait.

Getting up there on Snoqualmie, starting to see snow on the ground - didn't feel all that cold though.

In the distance:

I don't see a line indication a shoulder, but I think/hope there are rumble-strips on this section: (close to the pass)

Top of Snoqualmie Pass, 3022 ft/921 m

I can't believe I'm gonna ride through this! This is a nasty (looking) section just after the summit.

That big lake (Hyak I think) at the top:

The "Snow Hut" or whatever it's called - that would just about ruin any West-bound trips on this road by bicycle I'd think (no shoulder!)

The Lake:

A scary bridge to cross just before Cle Elum I believe - there's a detour around this btw:

I took pics of Blewett & Stevens too, I'll post those up here before the big day.


Robert H said...

I've been keeping an eye on the traffic cameras. If it really is 80-90 degrees, there is going to be a wild range of temperatures on this ride!

Mark said...

That snow shed was the pucker-inducing feature of the original 3-Pass clockwise route that we used to do. Coming through in the dark was faith-based cycling at its acme.