Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Three-Pass 400k - More Preview Stuff

If you can't tell by now, I like to learn as much as possible about a route before tackling it. And the three-pass 400k coming up this Saturday is no exception!

Here's what the elevation profile looks like, as clicked out by SiR's very own Joby D:

And here is the map of the route - North Bend to Cle Elum, to Leavenworth, To Skykomish, Snohomish, and back to North Bend - 400km of pain!

Here's the interactive version of this route on veloroutes.org. (Btw it estimates 24k+ feet of climbing, which must be grossly overstated. On Mark's blog he mentions 13k feet of gain, and that sounds much more reasonable, but still no walk in the park.

Besides the climbing, I think the most challenging part of this ride will be food. Or rather, the lack of it. There just aren't that many corner-stores up in these mountains, so we'll have to plan ahead when we do get a chance to re-fuel.

To that end, Mark sent a mail to the SiR e-mail list with good info about rest-stops along the way, copy-pasted here:

North Bend - Cle Elum (mile 50)Mile 18. Snoqualmie Summit. Convenience store.
Take first exit (West Summit) and head to the right.Around mile 36. I think
there are services at Exit 70, but some backtracking is required, if I recall

Cle Elum - Leavenworth (mile 103)Mile 64. Liberty Cafe on left.
Pie! Espresso stand. I didn't stop this year, but they are usually friendly.
Less so a the Mineral Springs resort a couple miles further on the right.Mile
85-90. Camp store on the right after most of the downhill

Leavenworth - Skykomish (mile 153) Mile 118. Coles Corner. Diner, convenience store, and coffee
stand on left.Mile 121. Nason Creek rest area. Last water for the long climb up
Stevens. Usually has a volunteer group with coffee, drinks, and cookies.
(Homemade banana bread last weekend).

Skykomish - Maltby (mile 213)Mile 160.
Baring Store on the left. Nice people, good sandwiches, soup, but too soon past
Skykomish.A few miles past Baring is the Mt. Index espresso stand. My favorite
place for coffee on US-2.Mile 173. Gold Bar - grocery store on right and other
servicesMile 178 or so. Multiple services in Sultan. McDonalds and Subway on
right before you get to town. Vinaccio Coffee and a mexican restaurant on the
right in town. Convenience store at turn to Old Owen Road.Mile 204. 24hour 7-11
in Snohomish.

Maltby - North Bend (mile 250)Mile 233. Carnation. Shell
station claims to be open 24/7 ("Unless somebody doesn't show up").Mile 238. The
route goes east on 202. If you go west instead, into Fall City, I think there is
a convenience store just on the other side of the river.

Also another pre-ride report is available here.

I can't wait!! See you on the pass...


Robert H said...

My mom is baking cookies.

Anonymous said...

sweet! hopefully i won't be "tossing" them at some point...

Dessa said...

There was race in Wenatchee today ( just 2500 feet). The guy who won in CAT5, rode from Seattle on friday, won race, and was riding back to Seattle afterwards ( I saw him on 97 on the way back). Supposedly he is training for RAAM.

matt m said...

wow, that guy is my hero!