Saturday, May 3, 2008

May 300k Brevet - Bremerton to Bainbridge Island, The Long Way

Did another 300k brevet today, and this one went much better than the last one! Thought we got rainied on a good bit, and I wasn't on my normal brevet bike, I chopped about 6 hours (yeah, six!) off of the last one's 19-hour finishing time.

There were five of us that led the pack of 16 or so, and as usual the first big climb split everyone up. The five of us stuck together for the first 240 km (150 miles) - pacelining at quick speeds all the way to Quilcene, although my speedometer wasn't working so I don't know how quick exactly.

We covered the first 100km in 3.5-4 hours, and got to Quilcene at about 5 PM. (150 miles in ~10 hours - not ground-breaking, but a decent time I think). Chris said we were averaging over 19 mph or so at some points, not bad for the hilly route. The elevation graph tells it like it was - hilly:

The Walker "Pass" climb (big spike at the end) was longer than I thought, I think it was three miles of climbing, but only about 800 feet of gain, so much tamer than Cougar Mountain. Great views for sure - cloud covered precipices amidst Northwest Green. I had a camera with me, but only got a few shots since it was raining so much - I'll post those here later.

My knees are hurting a bit, but besides that I feel good - no muscle aches, my butt feels normal (thanks Brooks!) and the hands are fine too. Two hours of sleep the night before made me feel sluggish at times, but I think I can handle the whole sleep-deprivation aspect of radonneuring.

Total Distance: 300 km (189 mi)
Start Time: 7:15 AM
Finish Time: 8:30 PM
Total Time: 13 hours, ~15 minutes

Official results will be posted here - I'll do another post with photos & more details - for now I'm gonna rest!

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Robert H said...

You guys did awesome. We lost you on a downhill at some point.