Tuesday, May 20, 2008

SiR Three-Pass 400k Results w/ Pics

Here are some photos snatched from the SiR flickr page & Robert's flickr page.

One of my favorite shots from the ride - a small peloton rolling up I-90:

Chris G. going over Stevens Pass, looking like a pro 100+ miles into the adventure:
Here I am rolling into the secret control, after climbing some nasty 17% (or so) short hills (and three passes and 200 miles!). Check out the front-mounted water bottle - I think it saved me a few times on this ride. At this point it was filled with Co'Cola, the original energy drink.
The look of a tired, but determined randonneur - ready to get this thing over with! Somehow stuffing bread & cheese down - it really hit the spot. Thanks, Thai!
At another control in Paradise Lake - more water?! You bet. And, yes, that's a sun burned arm! They don't look so dark-pink anymore. Btw that's RUSA's very own Mark Thomas, looking presidential in the background, residing over the control. He knows what we've been through, he did it last week!

OK, I know this is pretty nerdy (I'm kind of an engineer after all) but here is a graph of the sorted finishing times - the first to finish on the left, and the last to finish on the right. Click for more detail.

Official results posted here. But here are the results sorted by time, you know you want to see 'em!

Although I should add the disclaimer that official rando results are sorted by name for a reason - all finishing riders are respected equally, and there is no special medal or award for "first" place. In randonneurring, the whole point is to finish the route within the specified time limit (27 hours in this case).

Ragsdale, Chris 13:51:00
Koenig, Urs 13:51:00
Beeson, Peter 15:17:00
Kantner, Kole 15:40:00
Heine, Jan 15:52:00
Ryan, Jim 15:52:00
Ohlemeier, Brian 16:51:00
Sikorski, Vincent 16:53:00
Brudvik, Bob 17:31:00
Roehrig, Mark 17:31:00
McHale, Mike 17:31:00
Hamilton, Ryan 17:58:00
McKee, James 18:20:00
White, Charles 18:20:00
Ahlvin, Eric 18:20:00
Methner, Wayne 18:36:00
Roberts, David 18:36:00
Humphreys, Kevin 19:05:00
Carter, Ken 19:34:00
Mikul, Matt 19:36:00
Muoneke, Vincent 19:36:00
Swarts, Geoff 19:45:00
Beebe, Ward 19:52:00
Shopland, Ian 20:06:00
Smith, Gary 20:40:00
Morse, Josh 20:40:00
Boxer, Daniel 20:40:00
Gay, Christopher 20:47:00
Higdon, Robert 20:48:00
Andersen, Erik 20:55:00
Nguyen, Thai 20:55:00
Chang, Jennifer 20:59:00
Blachon, Domenique 20:59:00
Loomis, Jeff 21:04:00
Haight, Rick 21:09:00
Norman, Michael 21:34:00
Sprague, James 21:36:00
Leahy, Pat 21:41:00
Blacker, Rick 21:46:00
Perera, Shan 21:49:00
Lagasca, Robert 21:49:00
Chow, Galvin 21:49:00
Platzner, Joe 22:31:00
Davis, Steve 22:53:00
Knowles, Martin 22:55:00
Teeter, Dan 22:58:00
Huber, Michael 23:10:00
Ringkvist, Victor 23:10:00
Tilden, Brad 23:36:00
Larson, Lesli 23:38:00
Winczewski, Peg 23:38:00
Whitney, Paul 23:38:00
Nussbaum, Ralph 23:54:00*
Boothby, Donald 23:54:00*
Thomas, Mark 23:58:00
Krishnamoorthy, Narayan 25:28:00
Tilden, Jeff 25:28:00
Alsup, Bill 26:52:00
Nowlis, Suzanne DNF
Black, Todd DNF
Smith, Donald DNF
McFall, Ray DNF
Harper, David DNF

* = possibly an error

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