Thursday, May 1, 2008

Seattle Randonneur's May 300k Brevet - Ride Preview

On Saturday I'll be joining what looks to be a small turnout (12 have pre-registered so far) of randonneurs on another 300km brevet. Gotta keep the legs fresh for that three-pass-crazy-400km-brevet on the 17th!

Until I saw the elevation graph for some reason I was thinking this brevet would be a little less hilly than the last one - what was I thinking?! This is the Big Pacific Northwest after all. We like our hills super-sized. Not to mention SiR seeks out the best of hills, and they sure know where to find 'em.

Here's the elevation graph, with elevation data from [map] - units are in feet - max is only about 800 feet, but still. Looks like a lot of up and down!

Map of the route, from the SiR site:

The route will go something like: take Highway 3 south all the way to Shelton, head west to Brady, north to Highway 101, and follow that all the way up to Bainbridge. Interestingly, the last ferry from Bainbridge to Seattle leaves at 2-something in the morning (schedule) - so if we end up taking 19.x hours, like on the last 300k, we'll be cutting it close! That's a long swim..

Should be a nice day for a ride, weather outlook is much better than last time! Actually the weather report for Bremerton has changed a bit, 60% chance of rain! Well it'll be warmer than last time, at least I hope.

See you on the road!


Mark said...

Late finishers can nap in the motel room until the 5:30 ferry (or later).

christopher said...

ohhh...ho ho. here we go again. don't forget to bring some "real" food so we don't have to take too lengthy a break like last time. see ya on the 6:00 ferrie.

Robert H said...

It is funny how nonchalant I make this ride in my head. I am totally in denial, and will continue to be.
See you there.