Monday, December 18, 2006

i know i spit a lot but come on!

on saturday a friend and i were doing the 'hills of seattle' cycle tour, and just as we peaked on queene anne hill, some old fart pulls up next to us on queene anne ave and yells:

"can i come over to your house and spit on your couch?"

i reply: "what?!"

old fart: "well if you spit all over my street then i can spit on your couch!"

me: "no you can't!"

him: drives off, probably to go have a heart-attack because of 'kids these days'

since when is spitting on the f-in street a bad thing?! and besides, it's his goddamn exhaust that makes me have to spit so much. not to mention i pay taxes for the street just as much as he does...

so, old man, if you ever read this: fuck you! next time i just might spit on your lap. then maybe we can talk about you spitting on my couch.

p.s. apologies to the wedding-party in the stretched hummer that i gave my "i hate hummers" thumbs-down to; didn't realize it was a wedding party, but still - do you have to ride in such a ridiculous vehicle?

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Movin' on up!

After posting a link to the mapping site on, the hits are finally starting to come in! Even got a few hits from google searches.

And as of today it's at
#7 on the 'most popular new mashups' section. It was #15 a few days ago, so it's definitely getting a little attention.

Elevation data is now being saved with each route, which should make the route-loading feature a lot more fun.