Randonneur Links

Randonneuring - unsupported, timed, long-distance cycling - is a wonderful way to explore the world around you! Beyond the obvious physical requirements of riding for over 24 hours, these rides are also a test of the mind. (and sometimes stomach!)

See RUSA's site to get signed up with them.

Rides ranging from 200km (124 mi) up to 600km (372 mi), and 1200km.

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Seattle rando links
  • Seattle Randonneurs - local group riding under the auspices of RUSA & ACP. Also known as "SIR"
  • SIR's rider expectations - what is expected/required of all randos
  • Local Passes w/ webcams - Yes, you can cycle over all of these mountain passes! (during the Summer of course)
Climbing White Pass in 2009: (link)

General Rando links & blogs
PBP Info - First run in 1891, Paris-Brest-Paris is the oldest running bicycle event. The premier 1200km brevet, held every four years. (2007, 2011, 2015,...)
Ultra links - "ultra" cycling is the term for rides over 200 miles. The rides below are not "brevets", but are instead supported rides with larger groups. Great "training" for the bigger brevets!

  • RAMROD - Ride Around Mt. Rainier in One Day. You gotta do this ride at least once... but you don't have to ride to it. (155 miles)
  • Cannonball - Seattle to Spokane, via I-90/Snoqualmie Pass (seriously!) (275 miles)
  • S2S - Seattle to Spokane via Highway 2 (Stevens Pass) (275 miles)
  • STP - Seattle to Portland. Do it in one day or two, but this supported 204-miler is a Seattle classic!
  • High Pass Challenge - From Packwood, WA up to Windy Ridge and back (114 miles)
  • Race Across Oregon (RAO) - the name says it all
  • Ultra Cycling - (UMCA) organization for long-distance racing. Good LD training info.
  • Race Across America (RAAM) - one of the few rides that blows any brevet out of the water. 3000+ miles of racing!