Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wow, that was hard!

The other day I did what I call the 'how to turn two hills into four' ride, which is doing Queen Anne three times, and then coming up denny/olive to finally crest Capitol Hill.

Somehow I averaged 33.5 km/h to the base of Queen Anne (from Capitol Hill to the north end of Queen Anne Ave, where I started the climbing. Obviously the avg went waaay down after that!

Coming up the north side isn't quite as steep as the south side, and it gets gradually less and less steep as you go up. After going down the south side (hitting probably 40 mph!), and slamming on your brakes, go down Queen Anne Ave for a while then turn around and do it again, going up the south side. That shit's hard!!

The south side gets steeper and steeper as you go up, but I finally made it without having to stop at all, a first for me. The end climb is doing the steep parts of Denny going up Capitol Hill! Fun stuff.

This was on my Bianchi road bike, not the fixie - I've done half of the south side on a fixie, that was a real knee-killer!

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Anonymous said...

Love the hill repeats. Sounds like a fun route.