Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My Hills, Or Some Of Seattle's Finest Climbs

One of the best parts of riding in Seattle is the hills that dot the city. The highest point in the city is 520-something feet, so none of the hills are monsters, but plenty of them are steep. (Of course there are some montser-monster climbs in the area like the Zoo climb up Cougar Mountain, and of course the Mountain Passes)

This is Thomas St on Capitol Hill heading East:

It's not too steep, maybe 5-7%, and only lasts a few blocks - this is a great way to start a ride! It's interesting to see all the different cyclists that go up this street each day; some fast, most slow. Some riders like to zig-zag while going up hill, which I suppose makes it easier on the legs, but you end up going a longer distance! I like to go straight up the damn hill, no matter if it's just Capitol Hill or Cougar Mountain out in Issaquah. I've never seen anyone fall on this hill, but plenty get off their bikes and walk it up, maybe they'll make it next time.

Other Notable Seattle Hills

Here's Queen Anne Ave just off of Florentia, up the hill. The South face of the Queen Anne is harder, but this side has less traffic:

Here's the Col d'Lincoln, up Linocoln Ave in West Seattle - turn left on Othello and follow it up to the water tower for a 1.2 mile climb:

And here's Roy Ave at 26th Ave E., on the East side of Capitol Hill - the steepest street in Seattle!! It's only over 20% for one block, but it's damn steep. I have to drop down to 43x26 (the lowest gear without going into the smallest chain-ring)

Enjoy the climbing!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you have captured some real good hills in seattle. Never been to queen Anne. I have seen some real monsters on 15th avenue NE, heading towards northgate. And I recently came upon some 'monster-monsters' on the Squak mountain climb. Nice blog, btw.

Anonymous said...

Like the pictures. I've been thinking of taking pictures of some of my favorite hills and I think you've pushed me over the edge.