Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cycling Cue-Sheets For the Masses!

Today I'm releasing a feature on veloroutes that will take the route you create and generate turn-by-turn directions automatically! Here's an example of the output for a route I clicked:

Cue sheet for downtown to the ave

key: -:straight, R:right, L:left, Rev:reverse

Total distance: 4.97 miles


yeah, you could take eastlake for a less-hilly route, but fuck that! let’s do some hills!

0 mi- (East)1st Ave & Cherry StSeattle, King County, WA38.2 ft
0.29 miL (North)Cherry St & 6th AveSeattle, King County, WA195.0 ft
0.59 miR (East)Seneca St & 6th AveSeattle, King County, WA200.3 ft
1.08 miRev (West)Boylston Ave & Seneca StSeattle, King County, WA335.4 ft
1.14 miRev (East)University St & Boylston AveSeattle, King County, WA320.4 ft
1.28 miL (North)Broadway & E Union StSeattle, King County, WA295.2 ft
2.12 miR (East)Broadway E & E Roy StSeattle, King County, WA341.3 ft
2.15 miL (North)E Roy St & 10th Ave ESeattle, King County, WA345.9 ft
3.39 miL (West)10th Ave E & E Roanoke StSeattle, King County, WA166.6 ft
3.47 miR (North)E Roanoke St & Harvard Ave ESeattle, King County, WA158.3 ft
4.41 miR (East)Roosevelt Way NE & NE Campus PkySeattle, King County, WA98.7 ft
4.61 miL (North)NE Campus Pky & University Way NESeattle, King County, WA110.0 ft

You can read more about this feature on the veloroutes forum post about it. If you want to go ahead and create your route go to the map.

(If you haven't heard of veloroutes, check it out! It's actually run by a cyclist (me), unlike some another bike-mapping site run by a corporation. And now it generates cue-sheets like that other mapping site that used to be really popular, but seems to be constantly broken. Sure, those other sites may have pretty designs, but my site's got heart!)

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