Sunday, August 5, 2007

Volunteer Park Criterium - Racing on the top of Capitol Hill

Today is the Volunteer Park crit, which is an annual criterium race located only 10 blocks or so from my apartment! It's a tear-drop shaped course, with a 50-foot climb (and descent) each lap, followed by a slight false-flat to the finish. I did a few laps the other day (going the opposite direction, it's one-way), and don't really feel ready to race this course, but I'd love to do this crit one day.

I've been to this race a few times, and it's always a good show. Kenny Williams usually kills the Men's Cat pro/1/2, and I think I've seen him win it twice at least! That guy is a cycling monster!

We're gonna go catch the Women's Cat 1/2/3 at 1:40, followed by two more races: the Men's Cat 3 and the Men's pro/1/2 race. Should be some good action - I meant to catch the cat 4/5 race this morning, but 9 AM seemed too early when the time came around..

If you ever get a chance to check out this race, it's well worth the trip!

[8/6/7 - here are some photos from the race]

The Men's Cat 3 race (after a crash that stopped the race for almost an hour):

Close-up of the (I think cat 3) peloton:

A little breakaway:

The Cat pro/1/2 race - some of these guys get paid to do this?! sweet:

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