Friday, January 18, 2008

SiR Winter Training Series #2

Tomorrow I'm gonna get up really early again (about 6:30?), and pedal down to a Starbucks in Southcenter! That's where the Seattle International Randonneurs are holding the 2nd of their "Winter Training Series."

I did the first one last week, and what a ride! Even though I missed a turn, it was a great group, and a tough ride. They certainly aren't afraid of hills! Or going fast up hills. And neither am I, so it's a good match. I'm sure it'll be a bit different on a 400k Brevet, but for now these are basically hammer-time rides! Which is exactly what I want, since I plan on giving a few crits a go this year. And maybe the PBP in about four years.

I've ridden down to Southcenter before, but only once or twice, so this will be interesting. I think it's about 22.5 km to the start, and then the ride itself is 72 km. Then 22.5 km more kilometers on the way back, for a total of somewhere around 117 km! Sure, I could take the bus, or bum a ride, but that defeats the purpose of the day: to ride my bike!

And the forecast for tomorrow? Rain of course! Well I've got my full fenders, and lots of wool, so I'm set.

Here's the route - looks to go down to Federal Way, loops around it, then back up to Southcenter. Damn, I'll practically be in Tacoma!

To get down there I'm gonna use Google's driving directions, which happens to put me on Highway 99 Aurora - is that ridable down there? Well I'm gonna find out! As long as it's a surface street it's game!

Edit: Here's the route on a Google Map. And here's the elevation profile:

(from my mapping site,

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