Monday, January 28, 2008

Mercer Island Loop & Some Random Snow

This was the scene yesterday on Mercer Island: (the last part of the video was me trying to turn the camera off, sorry)

The ice patch was luckily abnormal for the day, go figure. This was just off the I-90 bike trail on Mercer Island. It was cold, but a great day to do another loop on Mercer Island. Got caught by two racer-types, but held their pace for a while. I think the handlebar bag gives me the advantage of surprising people when they try to drop. (Not that I'm the fastest kid on the block, but I like to try not to be dropped anyway)

Total Disance: 40 km
Distance this year: 637 km


Dessa said...

What camera are you using on the bike? GoPro Hero?

matt m said...

it's actually a "Flip" video thingy - nice n' simple, just a hand-held device.