Monday, January 28, 2008

Future Brevet Bike, I Hope

Today I got the idea to take my Miyata fixed gear, and de-convert it back into a road bike. It has more clearance for wider tires than the Bianchi, and the classic look (e.g. flat top tube, lugged steel) that I just can't get away from!

Here's what it looks like now:

That's just a skeleton of a bicycle, really, but here's what's on it currently:

  • Shimano 105 rear deraileur
  • Biopace (yeah, the one's that aren't round) small chainring, no-name 52-tooth ring (more or less round)
  • Shimano "Exage" cranks, front deraileur, and brakes. They don't even make that model anymore, guess those will be the first that get replaced!
  • downtube shifters! yeah, I'll be rolling in style
  • Original handlebars, I forget what model
All I need to get it rolling again are a few cables for the brakes & shifters, some tires & tubes, and a chain. I'll probably get some nice Mavic Open-Pro's, with classic spokes - something easy to fix on the road, unlike the Mavic Ksyrium wheel you see on it here. That wheel is the one that doomed last year's "Flying Wheels" century! It was a good wheel, but uses hard to find spokes.

For the Brevets I'd like to have a bike that's as simple as possible, and as fixable as possible! I can handle downtube shifters, you just gotta plan ahead on the hills. When it's all said & done this thing may weigh in at 24 lbs or something, but I think it'll do just fine.

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