Friday, January 4, 2008

Ride Report: Capitol Hill To Everett & Back

I ventured out with the goal of riding North, and with light rain and temps around 45 or so, it was a perfect day for it! Since I was on the Bianchi, w/ a handle-bar bag, I could carry more food than usual, a rain jacket, and my camera! I wasn't out to break any personal speed records, just to get some miles in, Randonneur style.

Distance: 109 km
Rolling time: 4 hrs 48 minutes
Avg Speed: 22.5 km/h
Start Time: 11:55 AM
End Time: 5:30 PM

Here's a series of photos, starting with me on Capitol Hill at about 3 km into the ride: (I-5 is the big road in the center)

15 km into the ride, at 5th Ave NE & 130th St

Not as fast as the Ciocc, but the full fenders & handlebar-bag make for a comfortable ride! I slapped the Brooks on it, since the original Bianchi seat is horrible, just horrible. This is at a little quickie-mart at 5th Ave NE & 165th St, 25 km into the ride:

Once I hit 76th Ave just North of Shoreline, I started seeing signs for the Interurban Trail. It goes about 20 km from Lynnwood to Everett more or less, but I've always had problems finding it. Well eventually the signs stopped, and there I was, in the middle of Lynnwood without a map. What I do at that point is to find the nearest Ave (North-South) that isn't a "dead end" and just take it. I did that for 5 km or so, and eventually ran into the trail!

This creepy drive-up movie theater looks abandoned, but was apparently working as recently as 10 years ago. Interurban Trail is on the left:

Eventually some construction ended my joyride on the Interurban, and it was back to the streets. I knew at that point that Aurora was my best bet, so I headed towards it, and eventually found it.

Aurora Ave/Highway 99 (called Pacific Highway at this point) - this is where the traffic really gets crazy, but there's at least a turn-only lane that allows bikes! But a painted bike lane? Check back in 20 years, maybe then.

Rolling into downtown Everett, about 55 km into the ride:

Finally, some rest! This was at the little park off of Grand Ave in Everett, with Marysville in the background.

Looking North-East into the Cascades - looks chilly!

Looking West over the bluff:

Heading back towards Seattle, this is "downtown" Everett, WA:

Now back on Aurora, at about 75 km into the ride:

Ahh, Seattle! This was from the top of Capitol Hill looking West towards Queen Anne. Crappy pic but you get the idea:

Next time I'll probably bring some actual maps to avoid getting thrown off-course, but then again, getting lost is entertaining! And educational, I'm really getting to know the backroads of the Puget Sound!


Ted Diamond said...

Great job! I hadn't realized Interurban trail ran north of Seattle -- I was just familiar with the part that ran south of Renton to Kent. A mate of mine from works commutes from Everett to Seattle daily -- this must be the route he takes.

Alj said...

You dont have to take i99, interurban trail brings you right into everet on colby street near 41 str intersection.
It sometimes breaks when major street crosses and it is not obvious where it continues, but it goes along power lines so when in doubt look where powerline is.
I carried a map and i got lost several times but trail goes all the way to everett.

BTW trail built where trolley car used to be, that car got removed in 1939 and power line was build on its place. More info can be found here:

fellobs said...

That is the Puget Park drive-in. It's still in business, I went to see the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie there in June.