Thursday, November 8, 2007

Should've Cycled To Work

Instead of cycling in I took the bus, the 545 from Capitol Hill to the MS Campus. The way in wasn't too bad, except for when the driver pulled off on the Bellevue Way exit (which is NOT the correct one, it's about 3 miles too early)! I guess the driver thought he was on a different route - and this was apparently foreshadowing of how horrible the bus ride home was going to be.

And indeed the way home was one of the worst experiences of my commuting history in Seattle. I got on the West-bound 545 at about 6 PM, only to:

  • Not have a seat, it was packed as usual
  • Stand for 30 minutes, since traffic was backed up all the way to NE 40th St!

And ironically there's a bike trail right next to 520, so I could see cyclists pass ALL the traffic, since 520 was crawling at a hot 2 mph. All the way to bridge, which is at least 4 miles. Argh!

All I could think about was how nice it when you're on the bike, and the only thing that can hold you up is traffic lights, mechanical issues, or getting tired. But traffic doesn't mean shit when you're on two wheels, and after today's bus commute I might never do that again. I've ridden that damn bus for a few years now, on and off, and it won't be hard to say goodbye to it.

And since I'm on the subject of traffic, I thought this was kinda funny (click the image to see it in full):

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Anonymous said...

never have i had so much fun.