Wednesday, November 14, 2007

NPR Covers a Non-Event, and Ignores Cycling..

Some guy drove across the country in under 32 hours, and NPR covers it with a nice fluffy story so he could pump his book. Let's see, a guy got into his BMW, turned a key, and then pressed the gas pedal for 30+ hours? Big fucking deal!

Why won't NPR cover an actual triumph, such as the Race Across America? (Route map here)

The RAAM is a BICYCLE race that goes from California to New Jersey. ON. A. BICYCLE. The winner of the Men's Solo division, Jure Robic, made it in 8 days and 19.5 hours. The winning 4-person team make it in a little over 5 days!

Did you hear that NPR, somebody did something worth doing, and they've been doing it for decades now! I think a lot of people think of NPR as 'progressive,' including myself, but the more I listen to it, not so much.

What are they gonna cover next, the 'sport' of NASCAR?!


Unknown said...

Why not drop a letter to an NPR producer or host and tell them about the race and why its interesting. Give them some information to go on and some initial contacts.

NPR (KUOW) has done good coverage of Willie Weir's bicycle travels.

matt said...

Richard: You're right, contacting them would actually get something done, as opposed to just whining...

But I'll let them do what they will - their target audience is middle-upper class white car drivers, and one letter isn't going to change that.

(Same that my one vote can't end rule by groups like Skull N' Bones...)

I know, I know, every letter counts , every vote counts - or at least that's what Skull N' Bones wants you to think. But look at the 2004 presidential election: it was a fake choice between two members of Skull N' Bones.

It's sad, but I've given up on fixing broken things (politics, society, etc) around me - I just bitch about it, and try to do the best that I can in my own life.

Coghauler said...

NPR used to be done by people like us...the ones out on the edge not afraid to poke holes. They've gotten old and feel they have to protect their 'baby'...which isn't
at all what it used to be and no longer fits the original image.
Like parents who won't let their kids grow up, it's stifling and an
illusion and worrisome in that it
gets confused with reality.