Monday, November 5, 2007

Cyclist SHOT in West Seattle During Commute

From Peter's blog:

"I am nearly home. A mile from home, I hit a pot-hole and puncture my front tire. I replace the tube, but have difficulty getting the tire bead to hold to the rim. On the third try, it holds. I mount my bicycle, ride another two blocks and a car passes to my left. I hear gun-like shots and immediately feel pain in my chest. I ride a short distance and stop. I hunch over my handlebars while I “absorb” the pain. Every inhalation brings a sharp pain to my left lung, as if I had a broken rib. I look at my “clean” yellow jersey. As there are no marks, I suppose that the assailants shot me with an air gun or some sort of blunt projectile."
He was shot w/ a .22 caliber rifle filled with BBs! Ouch. You can read the full story here.

When I was a teen-ager we did stupid stuff like throwing soda on pedestrians, yelling at rednecks to get them to chase us, etc - but nothing like this! We need to find the kids that did this and get them on some bicycles! That would at least give them something to do, as they're obviously bored with life.

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