Thursday, June 21, 2007

Using Google Spreadsheets for a Cycling Log

Since I need to keep up milage to train for the 206-mile STP, I've been keeping a log of my rides using Google Spreadsheets. It's a pretty slick interface, complete with graphs and formulas for doing totals and averages.

There are some sites out there that do training logs, but many people still use spreadsheets for tasks like this, and I'm thinking the same thing, simpler is better.

Check out this graph from my cycling log:

(Can't wait to see the 206-mile spike on July 14th!)

Since these spreadsheets can be turned into RSS feeds, mashups can take this data and do all kinds of fun stuff with it! I wonder if any sites out there already do this?

Now it's off to the four summits of Seattle ride, for some climbing fun!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. Nice link between the workout and the routes. Spreadsheet charting certainly makes looking at the data easy. Ever checked out The workout log is integrated with the blog and a useful and growing set of charts generated from the data.