Saturday, June 2, 2007

Race Report: Carnation Time-Trial Series #3

The race was today, and while I certainly didn't win it, I didn't get last either! Being in a mixed field (cat 1-5 all in the same TT) for my first real race was tough, I certainly can't hang with the folks with the race-tuned bodies and carbon-aero bikes. But my trusty steel Bianchi Eros (and smoker's lungs) got me to the finish line in a personal-best time of just over 43 minutes! (To put that in perspective, the winning time was I think 10 minutes faster)

This is the elevation profile of the TT course (that's big Tolt Hill at the beginning, a 10% grade for a mile):

Here are some pics of the event, held in Carnation, WA:

The parking lot - lots of expensive bikes and serious racers

And then there's me - out to have some fun:

Here I am starting: go! go! go!

I guess I started out a bit too hard, because half-way up Tolt Hill Road I felt the bonk coming on. My legs all of a sudden had nothing, at the exact worst time! Shit! I've done that hill five times and usually I felt strong going up.

When I started to slow down I got passed by the guy behind me, just about at the top of the hill. I didn't even have the energy to chase him; I knew I had to save something for later, since that was only the first hill of the race. I chugged on in hopes of not being passed yet again, but, alas, I was passed again. About five miles later I hear the whirr of a rider next to me, was greeted by 'nice day for a ride, eh?'. Indeed, it was a nice day, but it was a tough one for the ego too.

Here I am finishing in downtown Carnation:

The official results aren't out yet, but from the sheet I saw I got 24th (out of ~30) in the 20-40 age group, finishing with a time of roughly 43 minutes. My previous best on the course was about 45 minutes so I'm glad to have shaved off a few minutes. My average speed was something like 19.5 mph - not bad for a computer-geek!!

A big thanks to my 'support team,' Kira and Dennis - I couldn't have done it without y'all!!

Edit (6.5.2007): the results are posted! 2nd Final results.pdf

My official time was 43:47, and a finish of 25th out of 31 peeps in my division. At least now I know that one of the guys that passed me placed 7th!


Dessa said...

been there too. I have not seen the results yet, but you probably beat me. Are you doing next carnation?

matt m said...

i'm up in the air about the next one, as i didn't do the previous two, and this was basically my first 'real' race outside of some track stuff. it was a humbling experience, but fun at the same time.

if i do the next races in the series, i'm definitely gonna break down and get some aero bars... and train more. =]

Unknown said...

Regardless of hills, aero bars make all the difference. Last year in the WA state TTT championship, of the 4 man teams my cycling team sent didn't place because two of the four guys did NOT have TT helmets OR aero bars.

Anonymous said...

Great show for your first 'race'. Mine too in about 15 years. I think aero bars will make an even bigger difference in the next to 46km races, long and flat. I've heard it can give a 2mph bump.

I'm out of town for the July race but signed up for the August one.