Monday, June 11, 2007

65-mile ride just for kicks

Not a bad day for a 65 miler! (pic thanks to

Today's route is what I call the 'two lakes loop'. A great route that passes through some of Seattle's most urban areas (Capitol Hill, Renton Valley), and then 10 miles later there are horses in a friggin field (east of Renton). Gotta love the Puget Sound!

The route goes around Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish, starting on the top of Capitol Hill, heading south towards Renton on Rainier Ave (lots of traffic, but fuck it, I do it all the time), Highway 900 out to Issaquah (where the horses are), East Lake Sammamish Rd to Redmond, then it's the lovely (and flat) Samammish Trail followed by the Burke-Gilman Trail. We'll see if I can keep my avg at or above 18 mph (today's goal).

Here's the route on a google map.

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