Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Four Summits of Seattle Ride - Solo

I did the 'four summits of seattle' ride today, it took four hours and some change. The ride features some of Seattle's major climbs, covering about 35 miles and gaining about 2200 feet of elevation!!

The ride goes like this: up Queen Anne's north side, then out to Alki for the West Seattle climb up to the water tower (via Lincoln/Othello), Beacon Hill, Capitol Hill (up Roy St, the steepest climb in the city, 22% for a block). I start/end roughly on Broadway on the Hill.

I had a personal first of having a car honk at me for a positive reason!! Going down Highland Drive in West Seattle, a steep downhill that's only a half-mile long, I hit at least 45 miles per hour!! Who knew you could do that in the city? At the bottom a pickup passed me and the guy inside it is all, "woo hoo!!" and honking at me! I assume because I was almost going over the speed limit of 45 mph and passing cars on a wee bicycle.

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