Friday, April 3, 2009

No Wonder I Was So Wet...

The last two commutes (Weds/Thurs) have been interesting. I don't think it's been dry at all as I've set off to or from work, a roughly 26 km ride.

On Weds, there was a rain/snow mix in the morning, which is always fun to ride in. I think I might have been the only commuter (that I saw) not decked out in a rain jacket. When you have more than one layer of wool, sometimes a jacket isn't really needed.

But sometimes it is..

On the way home yesterday and the day before, I was more or less drenched. What used to be a dependable rain jacket turned into something that felt like a wet towel wrapped around me. Why did it stop working??

It might have been the record amount of rain those two days happen to have generated. Over half of the normal rainfall for the month of April (which as you can guess, is a decent amount around here) was accounted for in two days: (source)

In Seattle... record rainfall has been recorded at Seattle-Tacoma Airport
on both the first and the second of the month. Total rainfall for
the first two days of the month was 1.31 inches which is over half
the monthly normal rainfall total of 2.59 inches. The only time in
Seattle weather records that more rain has been recorded on the
first two days of April was back in 1915 when 1.87 inches of rain
was recorded. Records go back to 1891.
Also in the weather news, record lows are expected across the region tomorrow, possibly freezing temps. I guess as long as the roads have dried by then our 300k will be OK.

I'll wait for tomorrow morning to see how the weather is, but here's to hoping it doesn't set to many records!

300k mini-preview

So the spring 300 is tomorrow! It'll certainly be an early day, with a planned "transport stage" (read: bike commute) to the start of the ride in Mukilteo.

Here's the route from veloroutes: link (~9,000 ft of gain)
And from Bikeroutetoaster: link (~10,000 ft of gain)

So the actual gain # is somewhere in between, I suppose. Either way that's not too bad for almost 200 miles (189 in this case).

I've never ridden on Whidbey Island, or over Deception "Pass" - so I'm excited to see some new stuff. I'm thinking this will be a ride for the Ciocc, and I've already transferred the dynohub and light to it.

Have you ever see a bike with a dynohub and a powertap? You might tomorrow!

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