Friday, April 10, 2009

Didn't Get Into Ramrod, Yet

Got a notification from the folks at the Redmond Cycling Club that I'm #220-something on the waiting list. I suppose it makes up for my luck last year in getting in on the first try..

Although I do hear that the first 250 people (or so) on the wait list got in last year, so here's to optimism that I'll still get in. And this time I'd leave early enough to make it in time to Enumclaw to roll out with the main peloton.

Of course, there's always the option of doing the ride on a different day, possibly as the SIR permanent (e.g. totally unsupported). And starting in Seattle, it'd be a nice ~360km day..

Hell while I'm at it, maybe it's a sign I should give Jan Heine's Cyclos Montagnards group a shot instead? It's a little bit of a leap, but I did the 360k Ramrod (from Seattle) last year in about 19 hours, so that leaves 5 hours for another 140k... OK so I'd have to pick up the pace a bit a lot, but it just might be possible. I probably sat around in Enumclaw for an hour or so talking to Joe P. last year, and rode most of the route solo. Lots of room for more efficiency!

Then again, some of the grades going up FS26 to Windy Ridge were insane.. At worst, it would just turn into a really good story and a nice set of photos, so it can't be that bad of an idea.


kreger said...


sorry to hear you didnt get in. i did (2 for 2 baby!)

Ive heard that up to 400 get in, my buddy is #452, so hes hoping to.

climb to kaiser is still open =)

Gary P said...


No problem getting in. Lots of people bail at the last minute because they "forgot" to train; not a problem for a rando! And we can get bonus permanent pts.

See you there!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I don't remember the number, but I was farther down the list last year and got in at the last minute. Joe P