Saturday, March 28, 2009

Experimental Tires On The Ciocc, And A Fast Lake Wa Loop

After doing the 200k last Saturday on 700x23mm tires (was trying something smaller, didn't make much difference besides a little more road buzz), I've been thinking about the Grand Bois 28's that I have lying around. When I rode those on the September 600k last year, I loved 'em. Felt like riding on clouds, at least compared to what I was used to.

I've done brevets on 23's, 25's, and 28's so far, and the 25mm width was my fave for a while, but if the Pacer could fit the Grand Bois 28's with the full fenders, I'd probably use them all the time. They've just been sitting in a pile of tires that I have ever since I got fenders for the Pacer.

Not sure why I'd never tried this before, but I finally wondered, "What about the 28's on the Ciocc?!" I've used Gatorskin 25's on that bike before, and rembered the tight clearance, but wanted to check anyway.

The answer is yes. Sort of.

The rear fit isn't too close - probably more than 5mm of clearance around the brake and frame.
Seat tube, however, is a close call...
Seat tube #2 shot...

So that's what, 1-2 mm of clearance? I figure the worst that'll happen is rocks might scratch the paint, I can live with that. It's a tool, not a jewel, as they say.

Front clearance:

On the first test ride it felt like I was riding on balloons compared to the 23's I had on there before. On my 20 minute test spin around The Hill, I hit up some of the roughest roads around: 11th ave near Aloha, a few streets near Volunteer Park. I've ridden on these roads on a variety of tires & bikes, and this time it felt like I was on different roads!

That was at about 80 psi, which might have been a bit low - the tires themselves recommend 105 psi, which seems high for tires so wide. I looked around online, and came up with 90 psi as a good pressure for these tires & my weight.

Lake Wa Loop On New Tires

I've done this ride more than any other loop, excluding my commute. And since most of the roads don't change that often, I've gotten to know them pretty well, even down to certain bumps here and there. That means it's easy to tell the difference on these tires, and I think they'll make next weekend's 300k much more comfortable, if I end up riding that bike.

Or maybe I'll go buy some 26's from Il Vecchio instead, which might be a bit more reasonable.

Anyway the outlook for Saturday is looking good! Although a 11 mph wind from the south might be a little annoying coming down highway 9 at the tail end of the ride..

Entire workout: (lake wa loop, ccw)
Duration: 3:10:26
Work: 2258 kJ
TSS: 204.9 (intensity factor 0.804)
Norm Power: 229w
VI: 1.16
Pw:HR: 1.25%
Pa:HR: 9.61%
Distance: 82.191 km
Elevation Gain: 1497 m
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 866 198 watts
Heart Rate: 97 192 155 bpm
Cadence: 15 123 81 rpm
Speed: 0 82.2 27.2 kph (16.9 mph)
Crank Torque: 0 203.2 23.2 N-m


Anonymous said...

Matt, the only problem there is that you are one broken spoke from a DNF at best or locking the rear wheel at an inopportune moment at worst. I'm not saying it's likely to happen, but it is possible.

Joe "suspenders and a belt" P.

matt m said...

hopefully my FiberFix temp spoke will come in handy if that happens..

and since they're 32-spoked wheels, breaking a spoke hopefully wouldn't end the ride.

anyway, valid point. i really should get those 26's before Saturday...

Anonymous said...

Ah, I see. Who around here has those fiberfix spokes anyway? H need one of those.

I won't mention how the weather looks for Saturday lest I jinx it.

matt m said...

I got mine via mail order ( i think), but locally I know that Velo Bike Shop on Cap Hill does carry them (or at least used to).

As for weather, i hear it's going to be horrible! Steve pool from komo 4 was just saying that a monsoon is expected, followed by a hurricane. How's that for an anti-jynx? =]