Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another RAMROD 2009 Hopeful

Just signed up for the Ramrod lottery this year - of course, if I don't get win a spot in the lottery there's always the option of just doing it as a solo or small-group unsupported permanent (on a different day). But I hope I get in; there's always something special about rolling around with say 799 other bicycles.

Last year's ride was a lot of fun - and if I get in this year I'll definitely ride to the start again. It starts an hour earlier this time around, so I'll have to leave my house at around 2 AM instead of 3-ish to get there in time. As a randonneur, I can type that last sentence with a straight face.

Whether I do the ride as a part of Ramrod or not, I'm glad that things are finally getting towards the thawing of the snow in those beautiful mountains.

This was the view of The Mountain from Elbe (I think) last year:

And Cayuse Pass had some interesting unpaved sections on it, hopefully those will be fixed up by this summer:

Here's to some good pass hunting this year!


Unknown said...

Oh, what a stunning mountain view! Hope you enjoy the ride again this year - can't wait to see what brilliant photos you get this time.

Robert H said...

It is funny that you posted this, because I was just looking at this photo that Dan took from the 600k. I can't wait to get back up there.