Sunday, September 7, 2008

SiR "Mountain Populaire" 100k

Today was a local event that I've heard about almost as many times as the STP. It was finally time for SiR's 100k Mountain Populaire! This is an annual event put on by SiR's very own Kent Peterson.

Initially I was signed up to ride the HPC, but given that it fell on the same day as the Populaire, I gave away my HPC ticket and set my sights on the Populaire. (Not to mention that riding the HPC would be redundant since I'll be doing that ride (Windy Ridge) as part of our upcoming 600k)

So I set out Sunday morning, eager to do a real first ride on the newly-built Pacer, with its brand new Grand Bois 28's. In summary it was a great ride! And while the Pacer is obviously heavier than the Ciocc, I don't think it held me back at all: I finished in 4:50, in the top 10 of all riders on the course. Nice to know that comfort and speed don't have to be mutually exclusive. It's really the engine that matters most I think.

Left the crib at 7:30 AM, later than I wanted since the ride started ~14 miles away in Issaquah. I had no idea what time it was (watch is broken), or how far I'd gone (haven't hooked up cyclocomp yet), so I wasn't sure if I was going to make it.

Then about .5 miles from the start, I saw the peloton going the other direction. I was late. Again. So I stopped and got some photos of course!

The whole pack. Time to catch up!! (Meaning I never went to the start, so I didn't have a control card, and hence I didn't get an official finisher's pin at the finish)

The pack attacks Cougar Mountain. Or was it the other way around?

Another Cougar action shot. On Cougar I moved from the rear of the pack to the front third. Eventually caught up with Jack B, who was holding a strong pace all day.

Now riding with Jack B, his buddy Tom, heading up Tiger Mountain. I'd never done it in this direction (CCW), but it probably a tad easier this way.
Lunch in Carnation, at Sandy's Espresso. On Tiger Mtn I dropped this very piece of jerky on the road, and Joe P commented that it looked like a piece of wood! Hey if wood had that much salt on it, I'd probably bring it along on rides too.

Riders refueling in Carnation.

Now climbing Tolt Hill Road. Ouch. Actually it's not half as bad as Cougar Mountain, but it still took a while. Tom said he did it in his big ring!! No wonder he was so far ahead of us.. Big thanks to Jack & Tom for waiting for me at the bottom.

Grand Bois tires & a Schmidt E6 headlight; essential rando elements.

Finished! Now we're at the brew pub in Issaquah. 

The Pacer, enjoying its first day on the road. And a great day it was!

Now heading back home, in the city. I love riding from the city, to the countryside, and then back.

It was a great ride, and I highly recommend it to anyone that likes to suffer (or excel, as the case may be) on hills!

Ride Stats:
Distance: 14 mi there, 70 mi ride, 14 mi back = 98 miles total
Populaire ride time: 4:50


Robert H said...

You guys really crushed that ride. I'm guessing all those climbs up Cougar helped out plenty. I was busy crushing cheap beer at a wedding. Thanks for the pictures.

Anonymous said...

btw, at the end i skipped out on the final climb (the one that was cut from the ride this year).. something i regret a bit now, but at the time i didn't have the motivation to do it.

we'll have to do this ride sometime, as a whole.

Unknown said...

great to finally ride with you matt - and glad for the company. it definitely helped mitigate the frustration with my dancing chain.

i bought a new rear cassette and am putting it on later today. me thinks that was the issue - chain/cassette conformity.

so, that excuse for saturday is now out the window. perhaps i'll think of something...

or i'll see you (and Robert) in Eatonville.

Anonymous said...

well, jack - now that all of your valid excuses are out of the way...

i really hope to see you in eatonville on saturday!!

Anonymous said...

Joe P here. That was a seriously fun ride! Your new bike is stylin'. You were just flying too; at some point I just couldn't stay in contact, so I watched you guys pull ahead. I think it was OK to eat that beef jerky although you were up against the 15 second rule.

I can't believe Robert and Chris let things like weddings get in the way of a good ride. Priorities, guys!

Have fun next weekend, and take a bunch of pictures.

christopher said...

hay... robert and i were on our way to becoming wizards!

(how to become a wizard- drink canned beer- tape next beer to the top of previous beer- continue until you're "wizard's staff" is taller than you are)

fortunately we ran out of tape as i was trying to attach my tenth beer. unfortunately this didn't stop the beer consumption. sunday did not feel magical at all.

good luck to everybody on the 600, i'll be in ohio teaching old friends how to play wizard.

Robert H said...

I STILL don't feel all that magical.