Friday, September 5, 2008

New Surly Pacer!!

Picked up the new velo today, and all I can say is I love this thing already. It feels maybe a tad heavier than the Ciocc, but I'll take that to get the great (tire) clearance this bike seems to have.

Fresh from the shop, without a seat, pedals, and lighting system; all essential elements of a transportation vehicle:

Components are:
* Campy Veloce Compact Cranks (50x34)
* Shimano Ultegra derailleurs
* Shimano Dura-Ace downtube shifters (only the best!)
* Shimano brake levers
* Shimano long-reach brakes (to fit nice fenders)
* Nitto seatpost
* Easton EA50 stem
* Ritchey "WCS" handlebars
* Mavic Open Pro wheels, with Dura Ace rear hub, Shimano 3N71 dynohub in front

My Brooks Swift:

Surly Pacer Meets Seattle. It spun up Yesler nicely, as well as Queen Anne Ave! (mostly thanks to the 34x27 gear)

So far I like the bike a lot, although I'll probably chop part of the steering tube off. While it feels really comfortable to have the saddle that high, it just feels weird for some reason..


Robert H said...

Awesome. Your hands will thank you.
I'm assuming that this is going out on the 600k?

matt m said...


One of the main reasons I didn't get a fancier bike (that would take longer to get) was that I wanted something else to use for the 600.

christopher said...

holy crap that bike looks purdy.

psychenaut said...

Nice bike! I'll be in town during the September Critical Mass ride and should be able to admire it in person.