Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Little Spin Out to Cougar Mountain

You know me, I like to climb. I don't really like to suffer, per se, I just enjoy the views you earn by ascending, and the screaming descents as well.

On Sunday I went out for a spin, with the target of Cougar Mountain set. Rolling out at 11:30 AM or so, there was a light sprinkle in the air. Wool socks did me well, as did my wool arm warmers. The weather reminded me of last fall! I actually kind of like riding when it's a little cooler out, and maybe a little damp; like the saying goes, "there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear."

I headed off south on Lake Wa Blvd, and once in Renton I took Highway 900 out to Issaquah. Still more light rain, but it was the kind that you see more than feel.

At Cougar, I was 50km or so into the ride. Light rain was still falling here and there, although it had mostly stopped by now. But the roads were still wet. I remembered the first time I did Cougar, when the roads were also a little damp.

Some parts of it are covered either with slippery road, or sometimes mold growing between the cracks, offering some great spots to really have an epic 8 km/h crash!

But in the end I prevailed, and came out on top of Cougar, after 15-20 minutes of huffing and puffing. It was a little chilly up there, but a good warm-up for the upcoming "100k Mountain Populaire" coming up next weekend.

The original plan was to go all the way around both lakes, Washington and Sammamish. But after Cougar, I cut the ride short a bit and headed back to Seattle over I-90. Not too short, however, as I did some bonus kms on the Mercer Island Loop, a route that will never get boring.

The way back up to Capitol Hill was a slow one, with Madison St offering a really steep slope in some parts!

Total Distance: 91 km
Total Ride Time: 3:47
Avg Speed: 23.9 km/h


Anonymous said...

wow, i did a VERY similar ride, on sat.

wallingford, lake wash bulv, i90 trail, newport way, up cougar to the towers, west lake sammamish, sammamish river trail, burke gillman.

cougar was slick at the bottom for me despite the sun, its a nice climb

you doing hpc?

matt m said...

i'm signed up for the HPC, but instead of doing it I'm doing the 100k Mtn Populaire on the same day in Issaquah.

also, the 600k route on the 13-14th will encompass the HPC route anyway, so I won't be missing out!

the HPC is a great ride, I had a lot of fun doing it last year.

Anonymous said...

I'll see you there for the Mtn. Pop. on Sunday! I just looked over the route sheet, and I'm looking forward to that ride. Should be even tougher than the Summits of Bothell a couple weeks ago.

christopher said...

i can't wait until all my friends are married. i wont have to miss all these great rides to attend their weddings. have fun on saturday ( i hear that due to some rerouting that the last epic climb will be removed from this years ride.... i suggest riding straight pass the brew house and up that monster. i can't imagine the finnish would be the same without it.) oh, and i'll be in ohio for the 600... see you this winter on some permanents?