Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Waiting for the new Ciocc

I put in an order at my LBS, Velo Bike Shop, for an Italian bike!!

I'm getting a steel Ciocc (italian) COM 12.5 bike, with Ksyrium SL wheels, and a Campy Centaur group set! Oh, and a Brooks saddle! Since I don't own a car I figure I can go ahead and splurge on a sweet ride. Sure, I could buy an aluminum frame for the same price or cheaper, but I like my current my (steel Bianchi), so I figure why switch now?

I was actually at the bike shop the day my frame arrived, and Lloyd even let me unpack it! But while I was inspecting it I noticed a gash on the top of the down tube that looked like somebody had dragged an exacto-knife across it!! Fuck's sake, i'd been waiting over a week for this frame, and now this!

The distributor is on the East Coast and is gonna ship another frame, hopefully this one won't be scratched! (They said I could have $50 off the frame, but I figure it's worth the wait to just get a new frame, like I planned.)

It's questionable as to whether I'll be able to ride the Ciocc on the HPC ride, but there's nothing really wrong with my current ride, besides that it's heavier than the new bike, and has lower gearing. =]

Now that I'll have a 53x11 on the top end, my goal of 100 km/h (~60 mph) should be reachable soon! Then maybe I can reach my other cycling goal: getting a speeding ticket!! one day.... one day. I can just picture a trooper on Tolt pulling me over. Look out Carnation!


Anonymous said...

60 mph - OMG! Do you think you can stretch it on the even surface?

matt said...

hell no!

i should've clarified, i'm talking DOWNHILL! big hills a that, like a 10% grade for one mile (tolt hill road in carnation, wa). currently my max speed going down that hill was 50-52 mph. so 60 is next!

these days i can do about 30-35 mph on the flats max (w/ a 52x13 on the bianchi) on a good day, but i certainly can't hold it for long.

but check back in about ten years, maybe i'll be hitting 60 mph on flat. yeah right. =]

Anonymous said...

Interesting choice sticking with steel. I love the ride of my '87 Ciocc steel frame, my only regret is it's too big for me. I've got a 70mm stem and that makes it about right but I can really tell a difference between it at 56cm and my Trek at 54cm.

It took me drafting a Tandem down a 1 mile long 8% hill in New Mexico to top 60 mph.

Good luck with the HPC.