Wednesday, September 5, 2007

New Feature: View Multiple routes at once!

What if you could draw all the bike-maps in the world onto one map? Hell, even Business Week wants to do it.

Well now you can, using and Google Earth.

Here is the Seattle-area with bike multiple bike routes in Google Earth: (the yellow lines represent bike routes saved by users of

The Washington D.C. area with bike-routes overlaid:

The U.S with some bike routes overlaid onto it:

If you don't have Google Earth its worth the free download, and even runs on Linux!

If you do have Google Earth, go ahead and see this for yourself! It's much more interesting when you can zoom in on the routes to see detail. You'll need a broad-band connection to download this, but it's worth the wait.

Tips for viewing in Google Earth:

  • Turn off Terrain, it seems to interfere with the route lines and erases them when you zoom in (checkbox in lower-left)
  • Turn off Borders - this may make it easier to see the route lines (also a checkbox in lower-left)
This is all pretty experimental at this point, but eventually I'd like to include routes from and other mapping sites. Imagine a map of the globe colored with bike routes - it's possible!

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