Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Training for the High Pass Challenge

Yesterday I ventured out to do something like a century more or less, but I only completed 80% of the planned ride. I'm getting ready for my High Pass Challenge ride, and since I haven't been riding a ton lately (due to job-hunting), I knew I had to get some pain in before the big day. It was basically a tour of the Seattle-area's toughest hills.

The air is getting colder around here, and even midday you can feel it. And a late-afternoon shower in Redmond meant I was freezing! Arm-warmers & and a vest weren't even enough to keep me warm... almost time for the long-sleeve jerseys! I caught the bus home from the Bear Creek Park & Ride, soaked and tired. About 110 km (~70 miles) wasn't bad, and I did plenty of climbing that should help on the High Pass Challenge this Sunday. Here's the elevation profile of the ride (minus the last 30 miles or so):

The large spike is, you guessed it, Cougar Mountain. The hills are, in order,

  1. Capitol Hill (start)
  2. a tiny spike that's on Lake Wa Blvd,
  3. The climb up Highway 900 going East from Renton
  4. Tiger Mountain (~800 ft max)
  5. Cougar Mountain (~1300 ft max)
  6. Going up 43rd Ave in Issaquah
  7. Tolt Hill Road, heading West (10% for a mile!)
  8. Ames Lake Road
  9. Union Hill Road (not steep but long rolling hills)
Since I bailed out in Redmond I didn't do the last two spikes on the route, heading back into Seattle. Oh well, I think it had to be upwards of 5k feet of elevation gain, so I think I'm in good shape for the HPC. I don't plan on finishing first or anything, but to get in before 3 PM (for a 'elite finish') would be great!

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kreger said...

been reading for a few months, keep it coming. i enjoy reading about someone else riding in the same area i do.

ill be riding the HPC as well, in a pink jersey and a white davidson. give a shout,