Saturday, May 29, 2010

Coming Soon To A Corner Near You: 2010 Cascadia Crit Series

Starting this weekend is a 6-race Criterium series centered on Seattle. What else can I say but, YES!!


In years past most of these races already existed but were run separately and in different times of the year. The Brad Lewis Memorial Crit was in April last year (I think) and it rained a ton, turnout was low. But holding them in late May/early June should yield much better turnout.. (though nobody would be surprised if it does rain on at least one or two of these races - indeed it's wet here on the morning of the Woodinville crit)

These races are also being run as an Omnium, so you can accrue points be doing each race and placing well. I'm hoping for some omnium points and upgrade points during this series - so many points for the taking! Even some cash in a few of our Cat 4 races. But more than cash, I'd like to add to my 10 points (out of 20) on the we to the Cat 3 upgrade.

Anyway here are some notes about each race in the series:

Race #1: Woodinville Twilight Crit, Saturday May 29th 2010

Wide, fast and flat .8 mile, 3 corner course with approximately 15 ft of elevation per lap. Surface is good to excellent blacktop with some traffic marking turtles. Race will run clockwise on the course.

From looking at the course map & description I feel like this isn't a nasty tight crit that I excel in - sounds like a open & flat course, wide sweeping turn in lieu of turn 4 and a looong sprint from the last corner - not my kinda course . But I can't wait to do kick off this series in a few hours!

Race #2: Fremont Twilight Criterium, Sunday May 30th
Fremont Criterium is a 3 corner fast criterium. Direction will be counter clockwise. See map for more details.
This one seems more up my alley - what I imagine/hope are broken up roads, and there are two tight turns, ahh yes, this is where those of us without huge power/speed, but better handling skills, can succeed. I hope.

Race #3:
Seward Park Classic, Thursday June 3rd

Located inside the Seward Park this .8 mile of a loop features smooth wide roads with one 140 degree turn and a hill approx. 200 meters long. Course direction will depend on weather day of event.
A classic indeed - in my 1+ year of racing I've done this course almost 40 times! I just hope we go clock-wise, when I seem to do better. We'll see.

Emerald Sprints, Friday June 6th

400 meters of roller racing: flat, fast and one gear!!

If (Cascadia Crit) racers can beat someone in a roller race, the next three races are free! Or if you can beat out a racer, you get $$$! I'll probably just rest though.

Race #4: Ballard Twilight Crit, Saturday June 5th

1 Kilometer - 4 corner Criterium course on city streets. On a slight side hill.
To be honest this is one of my "A" (e.g. priority) races, something that's been in my mind since racing it last year. Broken and/or uneven pavement, four 90-degree turns, this is one I want to do well at. Should be able to do better than last year's 13th placing.. then again a lot of luck goes into finishing a race like that (89 starters, 29 finishers last year!)

Race #5: Brad Lewis Memorial/Boat Street Crit, Sunday June 6th
A 3 corner technical criterium located near the University of Washington. The course distance is approximately 1K and goes in a clockwise direction. Racers will be starting on N.E. Boat St turning right onto N.E. Pacific St then turning right onto Brooklyn Ave N.E. before making their way back to thr start/finish line.
This is one I've wanted to do since about 2004, even before I started racing. I've gone and watched it a few times, including in 2008, and it's always a blast to watch. The laps are pretty quick and you get to see lots of action.

The 2010 BLMC is also the race my team (Recycled Cycles) is putting on, so I get to volunteer in my first race! Actually kind of excited to get a chance to "give back" to the racing community, as well as looking forward to doing the 4/5's race without much of a warm-up.

Race #6: Tacoma Twilight Crit, Saturday June 12th
This is an exciting 8 corner course going in a counter clockwise direction. See course map for details!
A little further outside of town, but the end of the series and eight corners?! I'll try to be there, sounds like a blast.

So yeah, crit season is here and now's your chance to get in on the action! In the words of former president Bush: "Bring it on."

See you on the road!


Eric Cockrell said...

Been reading your blog for some time now, stoked we will be racing in the same field.. atleast for Fremont and Ballard. Good luck dude.

matt m said...

Awesome, see you out there!

Eric Cockrell said...

Nice to finally meet you, and your homie Ian (if I remember correctly). You guys kicked ass in fremont. Team becher + is based outta california (where I'm from) so riding buddies are scarce for me. I ride out of capitol hill, hit me up for some training rides some time. 206-719-6495, my phone does the text thing too.