Sunday, April 13, 2008

Boat Street Criterium (aka Brad Lewis Memorial Crit)

Another annual Seattle race, this one is in the U-district. I went down at about 10:30 this morning to see Rachael kick ass (again) in the cat 4 Women's race.

Also got some video this time!

Cat 4 Women:

Couple of notes from the race: Local cycling god (pro?) Kenny Williams was riding with the Cat 4 women's peloton, apparently coaching them in real-time! At first I was all, "who's that woman riding outside the peloton?" But upon a closer look you could see that it was Kenny, pedaling with a smile plastered on his face.

Also interesting to see some "discussions" in the breakaway about who was doing the most work - I heard a Wine's Of Washington rider yell to a Group Health rider (The break was two GH rides and the one Wines rider), "You can't just take the fucking downhill every time!" (Meaning, we've got to share the workload, and you're only taking the easy pulls)

But in the end, Group Health's strategy paid off, and they took the win. Nice work!

I've got a vid of the finish as well, need to get that up here soon..


Anonymous said...

Flippin' Sweet! Keep the vids coming. Your digital cam has a mic??? Nice.

Anonymous said...

that was me - Dennis

Anonymous said...

i understand where WOW lady is coming from. i've got to say, lots of times group health ladies will not work. lol. and they were the only team who CLAPPED and CHEERED when they reduced the time of our race from 35 minutes to 30. woopdie hoo.

but it was way fun and i'm glad we're all out there racing!