Saturday, February 13, 2010

Seattle bike routes on Twitter

If you're on Twitter you should check out a new stream I created just for Seattle bike routes: (and if you're not on Twitter you can still browse the routes and click the links to the maps themselves).

Each tweet (or message for the Luddites out there) is a link to a bike map on along with the route name and distance. Hopefully a useful tool for Seattle cyclists.

A note: since there are over 45,000 routes saved on - and thousands of Seattle routes - it will take a while for the tweets to catch up. (Twitter limits you to 150 tweets a day) So if you follow this stream expect about 150 tweets a day.

Once the routes are caught up every time someone saves a route on with "seattle" in the name/title/tags it will be automatically tweeted here. Just another way to spread Seattle bike routes with elevation data.


Mars Girl said...

I think I need to consult you about safe roads/good routes for while I'm in Seattle. I've got all my overnight stays booked... I'll be near the university and was hoping to ride to the STP start line. So how biker friendly are Seattle roads? ;)

Btw, I am now officially renting a Cannondale Synapse from that bike shop you told me about. Thanks! I cant wait to come out there, it's so beautiful!

matt m said...

Mars Girl - glad to hear you'll make it out for the STP! It's a great ride.

Seattle is great for cycling, it's just that the hills get in the way. Be sure to ask about the Burke Gilman Trail when you get here, it's a nice flat trail that's about 20 miles long.

If you can't find it online, send me an e-mail and I'll dig up the Seattle Bike Map - it has all the city's bike lanes/etc marked, a great resource.