Thursday, February 4, 2010

Build 1, Week 1: Notes

I'm currently in the first week of the first "Build block" in my training plan this year. According to Friel's "Training Bible" my schedule for this week should look something like this, for a total of 12.5 hours.

  • Monday: Cruise Intervals - went around the south end of Lake Wa, with three or four 10-12 minute intervals at ~100% of Threshold (FTP) along the way. Two hours total.
  • Tuesday: Endurance 2 (zone 2) - ended up doing 2.5 hours, another nice ride around the south end of Lake Wa, with an added detour around Mercer Island. I like to call that route the "double-U". First ride of 2010 with bare arms!!!!
  • Wednesday: off, though I did do 15 minutes of yoga using Wii Fit (still fluctuating at about 144.5 lbs btw!)
  • Thursday: "Jumps". Was supposed to do five sets of these but only got in four (down to Seward Park and back). A jump is 10-12 pedal strokes in a Zone5c "all-out" sprint, in which I essentially try to rip my pedals & handlebars off the bike. Each set consists of 4-5 jumps, with one minute rest between each effort, and five minutes of rest between each set. They were actually pretty taxing - but it feels nice to ratchet up the intensity after so much Base riding. One hour total.
Rest of the week:
  • Friday: Isolated leg drills, which I've never done before, or "Form sprints" (e.g. tuning your sprinting form but not going all out) - Form sprints sound like more fun to me
  • Saturday: Recycled Cycles team ride - we'll probably put in around 80 miles since the season is quickly approaching.
  • Sunday: An hour or two of "Active Recovery" - or maybe no riding at all, only time will tell.

In other news I signed up for the Tour of Walla Walla Cat 4 - Recycled will have 8 racers in Cat 4 and 8 in Cat 3 as well! It'll be great to do a stage race with a full team.

With a 100-rider field the Cat 4 Road Race & Crit, this will be interesting. I just hope it's nice and dry out there when we go in April.


Anonymous said...

that looks like a good schedule... I'd love to hook up for workout one of these days.

Wall-Walla looks great, should be fun.

trantor said...

As a fellow Cat 5 competitor I have to say that your schedule is somewhat intimidating. Keeping up with you at Mason Lake sounds like it's going to be a challenge.

matt m said...

Hey trantor,

Well if it makes you feel any better I didn't do the big team ride on Saturday, and just did 50 miles on Sunday. =]

It's a somewhat daunting schedule for me as well, considering last year I was doing more like 5-7 hours per week (which did me fine as a mid-to-front-pack Cat 5) when racing.

Feel free to follow my wheel in the races - and I'll be chasing kids like Jordan R. & Karl C., who actually won a few races last year.

See you at Mason! I might do the TT on the 28th as a warmup too. The season is so close, can't wait.