Monday, December 22, 2008

Snowbound, Impatiently Awaiting Studded Tires..

The other day I got tired of not being able to ride (due to snow/ice everywhere), so I broke out the Pacer (with slick 25's on it, I'm sure you can see where this is going) and set out to see if I could make it to the store, just a few blocks away.

After a few tentative turns of the pedals, I was rolling! Sometimes sliding sideways, as the road was a mix of packed snow and ice - seems like they aren't clearing the roads at all around here. Well it was fun while it lasted..

A photo of 12th Ave on Capitol Hill (from Thursday):

After heading north on 12th for a block and thinking "I can do this," I turned around and headed towards the store. Mistake. I should have walked in the first place, but a bike addict just doesn't know when to put it down I guess..

So yeah, I bit it, but not too bad - did kind of a head-first baseball style slide in the snow. Nothing broken, and the bike was OK.

And in the end, I turned the bike around and rode down the sidewalk (about a block away from home at this point, I didn't get far) resigning to the fact that these slick tires just won't do in these conditions.

And there was about 10mm of snow packed between the tires & fenders post-ride (of 100 meters):

So I ordered some Nokian A10 studded tires!! They'll be going on a fenderless Miyata 312, and I'll be running it as a fixed gear (less crap to get snow on and/or freeze). This is gonna be fun, if those tires ever show up.. now I just hope the conditions stay like this until these tires come in, so I can give 'em a shot soon.

Hope everyone's having fun in the snow! Be careful out there..


Robert H said...

I've been getting bicycle cabin fever as well. I even spent some time on the *shudder* trainer.
I gave the fixed another go in the snow today. I didn't fall this time, but I never felt stable. I wouldn't even do my work commute at this point.

Some day I'll get some studded tires....

christopher said...

snows almost gone! i bet your studded tires will show up tomorrow. oh well, you'll be ready for next time.
i'm not sure if you've heard but a bunch of randos are riding permanent 531 on tuesday, 8:00 start. you in?

Anonymous said...

i got the tires in last week, and went for a spin. And then I learned that studded tires don't do shit in 3-6" of slush!! I mean they helped, but I could barely keep my speed up.

But the next fresh snow/ice we get.. I can't wait!

I'll probably make it on Tuesday, if I can somehow get my paperwork in on time.