Sunday, December 28, 2008

On The Road Again

Well the snow has finally melted enough to get out there! That is if you don't mind riding a little more left than usual, given that there's still a few inches of snow/ice on the side of the roads.

So I went out for a spin yesterday, figuring that if I stick to main roads they'll be more or less cleared up. 

You can see how messy some of the side-roads are (this is Thomas st) - unrideable on a road bike:

But the main roads are bare and wet, just how I like 'em:
Waiting for the bridge in the U-district..

Bryce Lewis (fallen cyclist) memorial on Eastlake: 

12th Ave, up near 75th St:

Today (Sunday) I went for another ride. While the snow is still melting, I'm pretty sure the I-90 trail is out of the question (which cuts out the Mercer Island option), and that the Burke-Gilman trail is probably in a bad condition as well. So I headed up north again, via 12th Ave, Roosevelt, and 180th/Perkins.

The Pacer on Perkins, way up in Lake Forest Park:

Icy Burke-Gilman Trail - I rode on it for about 25 meters before deciding it wasn't worth it..

Now headed back up Perkins Way/180th - lotsa snow:

Heading south:

A snowy shoulder up north:


So the year is coming to a close, and my mileage stands at 12,417 km (7,715 mi). If I do a 200k permanent on Tuesday, I'll still be short of 8k miles! Oh well, I guess it's just an arbitrary number anyway.

The plan for next year is to do around the same amount of miles, or less - but at a faster pace. We'll see.

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Robert H said...

The roads are finally clearing up down South here too, but man are they muddy. My bike is filthy, even with the fenders!