Friday, August 22, 2008

Ride Preview: Baker Lake 400k

Tomorrow at 4 AM, I'll be rolling out towards Redmond. What's out there so early you ask? 

A 400k brevet, that's what! The brevet doesn't start until six, but the bike commute out over I-90 will take some time, although it'll be a nice warm-up over familiar roads. (I call it a commute since most of the route out there is the same as my work commute)

It's another SiR brevet, although not a big one in terms of riders (only eight pre-registered riders). The route will take us through Snohomish, Arlington, Granite Falls, Marblemount, Baker Lake, Concrete (that should be interesting!), and Sedro-Woolley. Yes, there's a town in Washington name Sedro-Woolley!

I've ridden to most of these towns, but not Baker Lake, or Concrete. I'll be towing a camera along, so the trip should produce another bounty of photos for your perusal! From the pre-ride report it sounds like another wonderful route that could only be in the Puget Sound.

So if you're reading this any time between 4 AM 8/23 and about 4 AM 8/24 (PST), I'm probably out on the road, either riding, resting, or eating! I'll be sure to post something about my adventure on Sunday.

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Mike J said...

That sounds like a great ride. I've ridden a lot of the Snohomish Co. areas you mentioned but not all the way up to Sedro. I hope it went well. You got good weather anyway.