Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Few More RAMROD Images

A few more photos from Thursday's adventure around Mt. Rainier.

Here I am in Eatonville - about 70 miles into the ride. (~30 miles in to Ramrod). I like how the truck looks like it's bearing down on me.. (these two are from a photographer, and I bought the photos in case you're wondering)

Climbing towards "Paradise," smiling for the camera. I was hoping you'd be able to see my Schmidt E6 lamp burning, but I guess during the day it doesn't do a lot of good. Works well in the shade of course.

Mt. Rainier National Park. Made all the climbing worth it.

The Ciocc on a dirt road - just a pit stop.

Schmidt E6 lamp, Shimano dynohub, in motion.

10 PM, rolling into seattle. 230 miles done! It was raining hard at this point.

And finally, a pointless video of me doing 32 km/h (20 mph) on the way back home (Highway 169).


Anonymous said...

Amazing job on the RAMROD ride. I recently found you blog and have enjoyed your postings very much. Being from Seattle, its nice to see what other cyclists are up to.


Steve Evans said...

Matt, fantastic stuff. May I ask, what is that fancy pack you have behind your seat?


matt m said...

Steve, glad you like the pics!

My fancy saddlebags are a Carradice "Cape Roll," which is simplly fabric & straps, and then a Brooks "Challenge" tiny toolbag strapped to the Cape Roll.

I was using a Carradice "Junior" saddlebag, but it was so big that I ended up carrying too much stuff.

This new bag setup is possibly too small (for long brevets), but at least I know I won't be carrying too much!