Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Few More RAMROD Images

A few more photos from Thursday's adventure around Mt. Rainier.

Here I am in Eatonville - about 70 miles into the ride. (~30 miles in to Ramrod). I like how the truck looks like it's bearing down on me.. (these two are from a photographer, and I bought the photos in case you're wondering)

Climbing towards "Paradise," smiling for the camera. I was hoping you'd be able to see my Schmidt E6 lamp burning, but I guess during the day it doesn't do a lot of good. Works well in the shade of course.

Mt. Rainier National Park. Made all the climbing worth it.

The Ciocc on a dirt road - just a pit stop.

Schmidt E6 lamp, Shimano dynohub, in motion.

10 PM, rolling into seattle. 230 miles done! It was raining hard at this point.

And finally, a pointless video of me doing 32 km/h (20 mph) on the way back home (Highway 169).


Anonymous said...

Amazing job on the RAMROD ride. I recently found you blog and have enjoyed your postings very much. Being from Seattle, its nice to see what other cyclists are up to.


Anonymous said...

Matt, fantastic stuff. May I ask, what is that fancy pack you have behind your seat?


matt m said...

Steve, glad you like the pics!

My fancy saddlebags are a Carradice "Cape Roll," which is simplly fabric & straps, and then a Brooks "Challenge" tiny toolbag strapped to the Cape Roll.

I was using a Carradice "Junior" saddlebag, but it was so big that I ended up carrying too much stuff.

This new bag setup is possibly too small (for long brevets), but at least I know I won't be carrying too much!