Monday, July 7, 2008

Ultimate Island Explorer: 2,000km Brevet!!

While I'm gearing up for STP & RAMROD this month, others are looking beyond. Waaay beyond "puny" double-centuries. Beyond the PBP & Cascade 1200 even!

Mark Thomas forwarded this to the SiR mailing list - word of a two-thousand kilometer brevet, put on by a Canadian power-house of a cyclist! Ken Bonner recently did the Cascade 1200 in a blazing 64 hours!

Pasted e-mail:

"Longer than any RAAM Qualifier, tougher than most double or triple centuries! The Ultimate Island Explorer (UIE) 2000k brevet organized by Ken Bonner on behalf of the British Columbia Randonneurs Cycling Club is a scenic (lakes, mountains, rivers, forests; seaside and tourist towns) and challenging cycling experience for the tough elite cycling racer, triathlete or 1000+ km experienced rando-cyclist. 65,000 feet of climbing with only 4 climbs that are in the 1000ft/300m -1400ft/425m elevation range – the rest of the route is what is euphemistically called ‘undulating’ J

Temperatures are moderate with normal day time highs up to 85F/29C and night time lows down to 50F/10C. Although a sunny time of the year, rain showers can be expected. Wildlife sighting of black/brown bears and deer are common (lots of deer at dawn and dusk in suburban Victoria).

The entire route is on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, land of the totem and Coast Salish nation (North American Aboriginal Games take place during the week of August 3), outdoor recreation and Canadian National elite sports training centre.

The UIE 2000 takes place on paved roads, some with a low traffic count, and some with considerable tourist traffic. It also includes territory followed by other Vancouver Island brevets, such as the Tsunami 300; Highway to Hell 400; Backroad 400; Northward Ho! 600; Tofino 600; Hare & Tortoise 1000 and VanIsle 1200.

True to its randonneur roots, this longish brevet has little support. The first 350k is an out and back from the capital city of Victoria which permits riders to use their motels for support at the end of the day. For a separate bag-drop fee of CAN$190, participants’ can have adrop-bag transported to/from each of two control hotels -- each of the control hotels will be accessible 3 times. For the 1st hotel (Quality Inn) in Parksville access is at 670k; 1025k and 1825k; for the 2nd hotel (Coast Discovery Inn) inCampbell River access is at 1140k; 1325k; and 1720k. A small number of rooms are being held at the Quality Inn at the rate of CAN$109/day plus taxes; and at the Coast Discovery Inn at the rate of CAN$110/day plus taxes.

Personal Support Teams: As per normal randonneur rides, personal support is only permitted at control locations.

Safety: Bicycle in excellent condition; B.C. traffic law requires bright lights attached to the bike front and back and an approved cycling helmet; highly recommended are extra back-up lights; reflective vests/sash, wrist and ankle bands; large reflective triangle. Look like a moving Christmas Tree!!! J

Fees: Mandatory membership in the BC Randonneurs Cycling Club -- CAN$20; Brevet Fee – CAN$15; Drop-bag fee – CAN$190. Total = CAN$225

Start/Finish is in Victoria, British Columbia. There are direct flights to Victoria International Airport from San Francisco and other North American cities; also Victoria is a short flight from Vancouver International Airport or a scenic 1 ½ hour ferry ride across the Strait of Georgia.

The Hydrofoil passenger ferry from Seattle will also transport a limited number of passengers’ bicycles.

If you plan to participate, or have questions, please contact Ken Bonner by email -- see BC Randonneur Vancouver Island Schedule for email address

I look forward to seeing you on the ride!

Ken Bonner"

Once again this just goes to show that it's all relative! I might pencil this in for the 2010 season, assuming I live through a Cascade 1200!


Robert H said...

I'm wondering what a time cut off is on a ride like this. Would I assume that it is roughly double a 1,200k? 180 hours maybe?

matt m said...

yeah it must be 180-190 hours - jeez, now that is a long bike ride!!

as a side-note, i read that the ride organizer once ran a marathon during a 1200k brevet (and finished both). wow..