Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Cascade 1200!!

I throw around words like "mega," "epic," etc all the time on this blog - and for most recreational cyclists like myself, a double-century+ is indeed epic. Local riders like myself brag about past ventures on STP, RAMROD, Cannonball, a few brevets, but are those the toughest rides in the Northwest?

What about a 1,200km (745 mi) ride with an 93-hour time limit?! Such a ride exists, and it's called the Cascade 1200, finishing today (started Saturday June 28th at 6 AM). I've heard it's the hardest brevet in North America, and I believe it! After having ridden a bit in the mountains this year, I can imagine that a four-day loop through them would be taxing to say the least.

I've been following the riders' progress as they snake through the Cascades, some DNFing for various reasons along the way. Today is the last day, and the riders are trickling in to the finish line in Monroe.

Jennifer Chang, an inspiring randonneuse I had the opportunity to ride with on my recent 600k attempt, DNFd the 1200 from heat exhuastion at about 885 km (550 mi)! You can read about her experience here. I hope to see her out on the 1200 next year, as I'm sure she can do it! She has a strong will - that is what randonneurring is all bout.

Already I count 16 DNFs on this ride, out of maybe 60 that started - a testament to how tough this ride is. I hope to conquer this ride next year; and then I'll really know what "epic" means. Or will I? There's always Le Tour Ultime!

The pictures are coming in from the 1200, check 'em out. Congrats to all that attempted and finished the ride! And those who are still out riding - the C1200 ends tonight at 3 AM (July 2nd).


Robert H said...

Le Tour Ultime? Man, you always gotta find something harder don't you?
My legs hate you.
We will eat that 1200 alive... or finish it. Hopefully.

matt m said...

I do like to think of things in relative terms. Back when the STP was my biggest ride, I'd look up to the RAMROD and say "wow, that makes STP look easy!"

Now when doing a mountain-passes 600k I think about how much harder the C1200, or RAAM, or Le Tour Ultime would be.

Robert H said...

But then what? Running it?
I kid I kid. But really. Let's do it on unicycles.

Anonymous said...

good ride-report from the C1200 posted here: http://groups.google.com/group/randon/browse_thread/thread/6e2937807402f1?hl=en

Anonymous said...

err, here: http://tinyurl.com/5gwydv