Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Few More Pics From Saturday's Ride

At the end of the 85-miler we did on Saturday, I decided to go up Aloha Ave instead of Madison to get back to 12th Ave. Madison has some pretty steep sections, but nothing compared to Aloha!

This shot is looking down the two-block section of Aloha that starts on 26th Ave or so (on the East side of Capitol Hill). It's got to be at least 18%, if not more! I definitely have to stand the whole way for this section.

You might've noticed some cobbles at the bottom of the previous picture; yes, the crazy climb ends on cobblestones! Pretty bumpy ones at that. Really bumpy ones:

Aloha continues up to 23rd Ave, in cobbled fashion. It's a bumpy ride, definitely a different feeling than climbing on smooth (or even smoothish) asphalt.


Robert H said...

Just be glad it wasn't raining. Those streets are horrible with a little water on the ground.

Anonymous said...

I did Aloha once when it was wet, but not raining - it was definitely scary!

Although going down those in the rain would proabably be even more dangerous.

Random Menace said...

Thank you, Matt! I have been assembling a list of cobbled climbs in the Seattle area. I had heard there were some on the east side of Capitol Hill, but didn't know exactly where they were. I'll try to head over there this weekend and check them out. You can view my handiwork here: