Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Chilly Mercer Island Loop

The little weather icons on the net all said more snow for today, so I when I woke up & saw no precip in the air, only wet roads, it was on. Time to get some more mileage in for 2007!

Even though the Ciocc isn't a rain (much less snow) bike, I use it as one from time to time. Just slap a "race-blade" fender on it, and wrap my feet in QFC bags (under booties) and I'm good to go. (Oh yeah, and hope for zero ice, since I'm running slick 23's).

Two layers of shorts, long-sleeve jersey, meshy under-shirt, and a turqoise bandana around my neck, I was chilly at first, but after climbing the 70 feet up to 15th ave from 12th ave, I was feeling good. My knees were a bit chilly/numb at first, but eventually warmed up perfectly. Most other riders were more prepared for bad weather, looking more like scuba-divers than cyclists, but I was just hoping for a clear ride.

Ride details:

Mercer Island, with climb through Madrona at the end
Distance: 43.5 km
Time: 1 hr 30 min
Avg Speed: 27.5 km/h
Outside Temp: 38F

Luckily it stayed clear throughout this little ride! Now it's time to do things inside all day, like play my Wii.

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