Monday, July 16, 2007

STP Hit and Run - Driver Caught

I was just watching the local news when a story about a cyclist hit by a car during the Seattle-to-Portland ride:

NEAR GOBLE, Ore. -- A Seattle man and two other cyclists were injured in a hit-and-run accident while they were participating in the Seattle-to-Portland ride on Sunday, according to Oregon State Police.

Police said a 1999 Jeep Cherokee was driving on Highway 30 when it crossed the fog line and collided into a cyclist around 9:22 a.m. Two other cyclists collided into the fallen man and his bike and were also injured, police said. [link]
Sounds like the hit cyclist suffered 'serious injuries,' probably some broken bones and nasty road rash. Well they caught the drunk fuck that was behind the wheel, so at least there was a positive end to the story.

I'm really not surprised that it happened on Highway 30 either - sure, it could've been anywhere (there are drunk drivers all over the world, after all), but that last 50 miles of the ride does seem especially dangerous. Cascade, can this (please) be your wake-up call that the STP route needs to avoid roads like Highway 30??

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Six Hundred 20 Bikes said...

I apprecate your comments. Personally, I am o.k. with Hiway 30. It is the two lane roads with curves and little or no space to the right of the fog line. I always find it spooky while I am riding to see the line worn away on a curve. The curve only gives you a limited sight distance of a few feet either way.