Monday, July 23, 2007

Floyd Was Here!

Floyd Landis was in Seattle recently, and guess who's friend got to meet him?! Yup, my riding buddy Dennis Kindred had the chance to meet Floyd during his recent visit to's HQ here in Seattle. From Dennis:

I just met Floyd Landis. He signed his book for me and best of all...

I got a GREAT picture of us both!!!! He happens to be a pretty f*ckin'
funny guy.


It wouldn't be worth posting this if I didn't have this photo to go with it, so here ya go!!

Damn, I wish we could have taken Floyd on a tour of Seattle hills - I'd love to see how fast he could ascend up Queen Anne's south face!!

Wondering what else Floyd is up to these days? Check out his blog for the latest Floyd news.


Anonymous said...

Hey Matt! I'm almost done with his book and I must say... GREAT READ! I highly recommend it. It's up there with Graeme Obree's 'The Flying Scotsman'.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen today's Tour stage yet? WOW! What a race...

What do you think of the latest accusation against Rasmussen? A guy claiming Michael tried to have him send him bags of synthetic blood?

I want to believe these guys are just great athletes... but man... there sure are a lot of accusations flying around.

matt m said...

i hadn't heard about allegations against rasmussen, but i did watch the stage yesterday, it was awesome, i love those mountain stages!

it sounds like vinokurov is now being held guilty of doping, and astana is pulling out!!

after that win yesterday.... damn, i hope it ain't true! it was a great win..

the cloud of doubt that hangs over pro cycling sucks!!