Thursday, May 10, 2007

Capitol Hill to Ballard, the long way

Here's part of the route I did tonight, it was tough but a great workout. Going down Denny is such a rush, and I think I hit 38 mph or so, but I was scared to look too much!

Total distance: 19 miles
Total gain: ~1300 feet
Avg Speed: 15.,7 mph

I feel like the average should be higher, but at one point climbing Queen Anne I looked down to see the cyclo-computer reading at a whopping 3 miles-per-fucking-hour! Which, by the way, is still faster than walking up Queen Anne. It makes the 10th Ave clibmb up Capitol Hill seem like a piece of cake! It's something like 500 feet of gain in about 7 blocks!!

On some of the flats I was averaging 25-28 mph, man that felt goood! Now if only I can do that when it's race-time, and if my smoker's lungs can hold the pace, it'll be a great racing season.

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