Tuesday, May 1, 2007

April 2007 Seattle Critical Mass report

I made it to Mass down in the Westlake Center just in time for everyone to roll out. Sometimes I'm late, but even then it's not hard to find 200+ cyclists going less than 5 mph; just look for the honking traffic and cheering from peeps on bikes!

It was a strong turn-out, I'm guessing it was about 200 people, maybe more. The route was pretty crazy, at one point we turned up Yesler (I think) and started climbing! It's always funny to do a big hill climb at Mass, so many old road bikes (that apparently haven't gone up a hill since '87) start throwing their chains, people are falling, people walking their bikes. But the fixies, like what I was riding, somehow stay in front. It's a steep hill, see for yourself.

There were some peeps with drums on their bikes, wish my bell was working, I could've added to the sounds of Mass.

I heard some civilians (on-lookers) say, "This could only happen in Seattle," as the mass of cyclists rode by. Funny thing is, that's soooo not the case! This is a world-wide event people, betta know that!

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