Monday, November 20, 2006

keep your feet dry this winter, and save $$

nothing new here for some folks, but i recently discovered this:

after having bought $40 booties that were supposed to keep my feet dry, i learnt the hard way that those things don't really do the trick. they pretty much just absorbed water.

sure, you could go buy some super-booties (with a super-price), but why not get creative and save some dough in the process?

so what i do is wrap my cycling shoes in QFC bags (any small plastic grocery bag will do)
, then put the booties on (over the bags/shoes). i've also tried it with the bags inside of the shoe, but that doesn't work quite as well, as your shoes still get wet. also note that if you wear cleats you'll need to rip a hole in the bags so you can connect with the pedal.

before trying this i never thought it was possible to go on a 30-mile ride in a soggy seattle fall and have toasty feet the whole time!

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